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Blank Yacht Design

has, since 1994 worked in the design and construction of sailing yachts and power boats and is now one of the most respected designers in Germany and other countries. Our work has included - amongst other tasks - the design and construction of many custom built yachts developed and designed according to the individual needs of our clients, this work has included many production boats for yards like Helmsman Yachts, Bavaria Yachtbau, Clarc Yachts, Nordbaelt, Life Yachts AB and many more.

The quality of our work has resulted in our being awarded several design and construction projects for tenders of the largest Mega Yachts. Among our designs are yachts from GRP, aluminium and wood. We have developed variable draft keel systems, that are used in yachts worldwide, we specialise in yachts with a length of about 7,5 to 24 m, and have designs to meet the individual needs of our customers. We have designed swing keel, lifting keel, telescopic keel or fixed keel systems. We have learnt to deliver client's ambitions with a smart solution. Our services have included in the past uncommon and difficult tasks, like the construction of a fully automatic garage and crane system for a 400 kg jet boat used as tender in 21 m cruiser - racer, managing its planning and building process, as well as acting to advise on the reconstruction and optimization of foreign constructed yachts, to improve their sailing performance. We have designed yachts for use in ice regions, tropical areas, lakes, world wide cruising, cruisers, racers and many more. We have developed many concepts for deck house yachts, these yachts have been made from aluminium and GRP

Dieter Blank - Blank Yacht Design

Dieter Blank - Blank Yacht Design

and with significant variety, some with centre cockpits, some aft cockpit, many with variable draft solutions and all, with as many interior arrangements as we have had clients. No matter, what the individual task presented, we constantly try to develop and improve our work and the results, always with the goal, to achieve for our customer an optimum result and provide at the end the of the project a well performing, perfect balanced sailing yacht. Our goal is to pair design and function with excellent sailing characteristics. Blank Yacht Design has a very strong network, consisting of boatyards in Germany and other countries, engineers and specialists in the yachting scene. If you want more information, please contact us. Technical advice and information is free of any cost.

Costs for custom built yachts: . . .
One off's have, for several years now, become less costly, than many high quality production boats. This is due to small boat yards, that have specialized in custom built projects, being run with lower marketing expenses than most big production boat yards. They do not have to find the high expenses of boat shows and the need for a permanent presence in yacht magazines. We have also found that the labour rates and profit margins in some foreign countries are lower, compared to other large well known yards. For all of this we in Germany have here realized very many projects with an excellent quality and with a very good cost structure.

The high number of working hours that used to be required for the building process have been reduced during the past years. The reason for this is that the technical processes and the exchange of drawings and information are completely digital today. No matter if a yacht is custom built or a production boat, all information are digitally processed, matched to the existing software and finally used in the production. CAD, CAM, CNC, water cut and other production methods are today "standard" and allow the fast construction of a custom or production built yacht. No matter, where your yacht shall be built, if you wish, we are with you until she is completed and of course we stay in contact after the project is finished.

Material . . .
The decision, which material shall be used, rests with the customer. Some have a precise idea what and why they want to use aluminium, GRP or wood. Sometimes there is tendency to a certain material, but in many cases the future owner is unsure what material will fit his personal needs best.

Every material has advantages and disadvantages, all of these we try to
explain and give a broad overview about the experience we have made with all materials.

Today there are many combinations possible. We have designed yachts from aluminium, from GRP and from wood, but also from aluminium and wood, from GRP and aluminium and from GRP (epoxy sandwich) and wood. Almost everything is possible today.

Blank Yacht Design is looking for Successor

Blank Yacht Design is a business with far more than 20 years of experience in yacht building, yacht construction, design and engineering.

Here is the rare opportunity to take over, continue and expand the vast experience of a well appreciated enterprise.

If this is something you are looking for, contact me for more information

Dieter Blank
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