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GRP Yachts

Glass fibre Reinforced Plastic is for many years established as a very reliable material for yacht construction. There is hardly another material, which can be used for a very light construction, where the designed fibres are used where the loads are known. As a sandwich construction it offers remarkable strength and stiffness, but also an excellent insulation due to the core material. Osmosis and other problems that we know from mainly old projects are today not really a factor any more. With the new epoxy resins, vinylester resin, isophtalic resin it is possible to design very strong and reliable products, together with the use of E-glas, aramid and carbon. We have designed yachts up to a length of about 21 m. Among those are a 46 ft lifting keel yacht for lake Constance, several 10 m yachts for lake Constance, a 54 ft yacht for tropical regions, 18 m lifting keel yacht for world wide cruising and many yachts between about 21 ft and 68 ft for almost any use.

In the recent years GRP is now seen in the construction of airplanes, which demonstrates the remarkable capabilities of this material. While in the past only parts, like hatches have been built, today's most modern airliners are substantially built from glass fibre, which leads to remarkable weight savings.

GRP can take almost any shape. Curvature and spherical designs are easy to shape. Whilst E-glass is the standard fibre in boat building, aramid and carbon fibre are used for high loaded parts and to give designs exceptional strength.
Aramid has proven its strength I. e. in bullet proof wests and we often use aramid in the front of the hull as a protection against floating objects.

Dieter Blank - Blank Yacht Design

Dieter Blank - Blank Yacht Design

Dieter Blank - Blank Yacht Design

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Blank Yacht Design is a business with far more than 20 years of experience in yacht building, yacht construction, design and engineering.

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