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Blank Yacht Design is looking for Successor

Blank Yacht Design is a business with far more than 20 years of experience in yacht building, yacht construction, design and engineering.

Here is the rare opportunity to take over, continue and expand the vast experience of a well appreciated enterprise.

If this is something you are looking for, contact me for more information

Dieter Blank
Mobil: +49-172-4105701

„Kobalt 46"

This 14 m power boat will be equipped with two strong Volvo engines 370 to attain speed far over 30 knots.

Besides high top speeds the yacht can fall dry and stow a full inflated dinghy under the cockpit.
The interior arrangement has a layout for the owner couple plus two guests.

We will keep you informed with the progress of this project.

April 2016

„Blank Yacht Design starts with a new project“

my kobalt


„Comfortina 46"

We are very pleased to receive the task to develop the new "Comfortina 46".

We have included state of the art technology and modern boat building in this project.

This yacht is built from high quality epoxy resin in combination with biaxial and uni directional fibers from E-Glas, Kevlar and carbon. High grade stainless steel is used for the keel structure and the chainplates are from carbon fibers
We added a bulwark which helps to have a clean and organized deck layout.

November 2015

„Blank Yacht Design will draw the new Comfortina 46“

comfortina 46

                                              "Comfortina 46"

„Hanseboot 2015"

Hanseboot 2015

October 2015

„Blank Yacht Design on the Hanseboot boat show“


This year Blank Yacht Design will be take part in the Hanseboot boat show in Hamburg and can be found in several areas of the show.

An exciting project will be shown to the public during the show. A 12 m sailing yacht, completely made from carbon, together with a light weight trailer and both towed by a Porsche Cayenne will be on display. The total length will be close to 18 m.
You can see this car / trailer combination in the special exhibition area in hall B2 - B2.EG.C.105.

Also, we present part of our design and construction work in box B2.EG.B.121. We are looking forward to show and discuss our projects and try to answer all of your questions regarding yacht design and construction.

Please feel free to use this oportunity for a personal contact.

Blank Yacht Design realizes exclusive yachts for more than two decades.

The drawings for the new "Comfortina 46" will be shown in the box of Comfortina Yachts.

„An exciting moment"

"Cheetah", a 16,3 m performance cruiser just being launched after 15 month of building time.

You can see the raised lifting keel with a bulb of 6.5 tons. This keel system will ensure an excellent righting moment if lowered.

The dual rudder arrangement with sleek foils will provide excellent steering capabilities in all conditions.

To ensure easy maneuvering in marinas, this yacht is equippped with a docking system, consisting of a bow and a stern thruster, that can be handled with joy stick. Both thruster can be retracted and extended, simly by push button control.

We will test the boat before it will be handed over to their owner.

September 2015

„Cheetah, a 16,3 m performance cruiser being launched“

Cheetah Launch

„The final installation of equipment"

"Cheetah", a 16,3 m performance cruiser has been towed outside to install the lifting keel unit.

Provisions have been made to move the keel into the hull from outside.
The keel box is in a counter near the galley and does not disturb the interior arrangement.

The low center of gravity of the bulb will help to ensure a good sail plan and also ensure a strong performance of this yacht.

The lifting keel has dual hydraulic cylinders, that ensure safe operation of the keel. A locking system in combination with tracks ensure the use of the lifting keel without any noise and hold the keel tight in her box.

July 2015

„Installation of the lifting keel“


„Hull construction started"

You can see the the first PVC foam panels, that are glued on to the plywood frames.
The contours of these sections are CNC machined to ensure perfect shape and accuracy.
The frames will be removed, after the hull is laminated and cured.

This yacht is the biggest yacht, that can be trailered behind a car withou an extra permission.

The length of car and trailer with boat will be around 18 m.

The weight of the boat is 2850 kg's.

May 2015

„Hull construction of a 12 m carbon fibre yacht “


„Falballa" just being lainched"

Centre Board

April 2015

„Falballa", a 42 ft epoxy construction ready for delivery“

The owners travelled with a experienced crew to Gdansk to extensively test their new yacht. All sails from UK sails Germany shall be trimmed and tested.
With changing winds from light to strong the results were immaculate:

"...Falaballa immediately responses and accelerates until her hull speed. Additionally, she can be controlled very easily, very impressive with strong winds"... - the result

The handling in the marina was very impressive. All maneuvers were simple to control. With the help of her bow- and stern thrusters the crew was able to position the boat in the marina without any stress.

The installed "Docking System" provides excellent assistance to a small crew during her handling in the marina.

We are very pleased about the excellent results.

On the picture you can see the dual rudders and the retracted swing keel (Centre Board).
With this lead keel the draft can be reduced from 2,52 m to 1,05 m.
The helmsman simply has to push a button to control the keel, the rest runs automatically.

„Spot Landing" with "Cheetah"

The owners are impressed.

The interior arrangement of "Cheetah",the cockpit layout and the construction of this yacht is exactly as they wanted.

"Cheetah" shall be completed in July 2015.
Launching and sea trials will follow her completion.

Together with sail maker, rig manufacturer, owner, architect and boat yard we will trim the yacht before her first voyage.

March 2015

„53 ft deck house yacht - the work continues“


„Epoxy - Sandwich yacht "Cheetah"

This yacht is a new order for a client from Norway.

"Cheetah" has been designed to her owners wishes. She receives a deck house and a slightly raised seating arrangement.
Lifting keel and dual rudders will provide a good righting moment and ensure excvellent steering capabilities

Launching is scheduled for summer 2015.

More information on request
January 2015

„53 ft deck house yacht under construction“


„12 m carbon fibre yacht"

2015 starts with two exciting orders.

Blank Yacht Design has the honour to design new challenging projects.

First on our list is a fast sailing yacht with lifting keel, dual rudders and completely made from carbon fibre.
She will have a tiller steering and the concept is set up that this 12m yacht can be trailored without any extra approval.

Launching is scheduled for summer 2015.
October 2014

„New orders for 2015“


„Falbala is launched..."

For her owner exciting moments.

"Falbala" floats in her designed trim and the mast is stepped.
The crew from "Southern Spars" came from Denmark to step her carbon fibre rig.
Designer and sail maker are going to follow a week later to install the sails and to start the sea trials with her owner.

We will keep you informed.....
August 2014

„The carbon fibre mast is stepped“


„Clarc 33 a fast cruiser with lifting keel"

This picture proofs, that lake constance is an excellent area for sailing.
Clarc is a yacht with a weight below 3 tons. She can be trailored without additional permission on German roads and highways.

She has a lifting keel and with her lake rig she  performs very well, even in light wind conditions.
Several yachts from Blank Yacht Design sail on lake constance. Some with a length around 10 m up to 14m with a four spreader rig.

All of these yachts are equipped with a lifting keel.
May 2014

„Clarc 33 sailing in perfect weather conditions on lake constance“


„A epoxy sandwich yacht is fitted out"

This elegant yacht clearly shows, that deck house yacht can include many features to enhance performance and excellent sailing characteristics.

"Falbala" is equipped with a sleek swing keel (CB), with the whole ballast in the keel foil. She has a carbon fibre rig from "Southern Spars", dual rudders and her concept is set up to provide fast cruising and pure sailing fun.

Launching is scheduled for summer 2014.
March 2014

„Falbala", a 42 ft Deckhouseyacht under construction“


„A dream under sails....

The 68 ft yacht "Elowyn" has to go through a number of complex sea trials.
We sailed her in the Baltic Sea in light winds and in gale strength up to 9 bft.
"Elowyn" is easy to control and esay to steer.
The 14 ton swing keel, the crane for the 40 knots fast power boat dinghy - and all other technical features work without any problem.

"Elowyn" is ready for the open sea and one of her first trips will take her to the Mediterranean Sea.
October 2013

„Sea trials with the 68 ft yacht Elowyn“


„Finally the time has come"....

The 68 ft yacht "Elowyn" gets in contact with the water for the first time. Many friends and guests enjoy the sunshine during these exciting moments.
The Designer has the opportunity to explain the numerous technical details, that make this yacht a real technical master piece.
All tests trials have been completed without any problems.
June 2013

„Launching ceremony the 68 ft yacht Elowyn“


May 2013

„Fitting of equipment to the helmstations on the 68 ft yacht Elowyn“

The two helmstations and their pedestal are organized and equipped according to the wishes of her owner. Instruments and switches have to properly organized to ensure easy and simple use.

The construction of the 12,88 m long deckhouse yacht starts this month. The
epoxy sandwich design is equipped with
a swing keel, has dual rudders and has
with the two pedestals a wide and spacious cockpit.

   LOA     -    12,88 m
   LWL     -    11,50 m
   BEAM  -      4,00 m
   DISPL  -     11,50 t
   MAIN   -     58,50 sqm
   100%   -     39,15 sqm
   DRAFT -   2,48/1,05 m

   More information on request
March 2013

„Blank Yacht Design starts with new project“



February 2013

„Life 75“ is „Yacht of the Year 2013“

Life 75 has made it and was awarded to be “Yacht of the year 2013”.
Peter Keerberg had the honour to receive the trophy during the ceremony in Göteborg.

Life 75 is very light and still has everything you need under deck for a tour with your family. She impressed the jury with the consequent lines and design und the amazing performance potential. She sailed already several times with her chines with top speeds of around 20 knots, still easy and safe to steer and to control.

Also “yacht of the year” awarded were the yachts XP 38, Hallberg-Rassy 412 and Dufour 335 Grand Large

keel 68ft

January 2013

The swing keel is prepared for installation in the 68 ft Yacht “Elowyn“

The inner keel frame is assembled.
The 21 m Yacht “Elowyn” has a swing keel foil with a weight of 13 t. To transfer the loads from the keel, the epoxy made keel box is reinforced with a stainless steel frame.
You can see the remarkable size of the keel system. With the swing keel “Elowyn” can reduce her draft from about 3,85 m to about 1,55 m.
The control is very simple. One push button for “up” another for “down”. The rest runs automatically.

68ft Garage

November 2012

68 ft Yacht „Elowyn“ under construction

The tender storage for the 68 ft yacht “Elowyn” is fitted to the “Williams” tender. The telescopic crane arms are installed and their function has been checked.
The tender has a length of 3,25 m, is equipped with a jet drive and weighs about 350 kg.
It is possibly the first time, that a tender of this size can be stowed in a sailing yacht of about 21m length.
The tender garage is self draining and most of the functions are driven by the yachts hydraulic system. In addition to the transom hatch, the concept includes an automatic retractable gangway and a completely automatic ladder to have easy and safe access to the platform if the hatch is open.


October 2012

Blank Yacht Design at the Hamburg boat show „Hanseboot“.

For many years Blank Yacht Design is attending the boat show in Hamburg and is available for any information the interested sailor is asking for.
Again you find us in 2012 in the area of the DBSV, box B2 EG 130.

Life 75
September 2012

"Life 75", nominated for "Yacht of the Year" in Sweden.

"Life", a GRP Sandwich construction with a length of 7,5 m has been nominated for "Yacht of the Year" 2012 / 2013.
"Life 75" is a daysailor with chines and equipped with a swing keel. According to her owner, she has a very high speed potential. During trip from Oslo to Göteborg they reached speeds of about 20 knots. Several boats have sold to Sweden and Norway.

"Stella Maria" prepared for assembling keel unit
August 2012

"Stella Maria", hull and deck aluminium construction prepared to assemble swing keel unit.

"Stella Maria", a 13,25 m aluminium swing keel yacht is currently under construction at the "Feltz" boat yard in Finkenwerder near Hamburg.

Hull and deck are ready and are prepared to install the swing keel system. After the keel unit is installed, the hydraulic system will be added to complete the system. The keel has already been tested and is working perfectly due to the excellent work of the "Feltz" boat yard.

more . . .

"Lemania" during first sea trials
June 2012

"Lemania" shall be handed over to her new owner

After 15 month of building time, "Lemania" is completed and will now run through several sea trials, before she is handed over to her owner.

She is built as a epoxy sandwich construction with modern lead keel and bulb.

more . . .

Blank Yacht Design is looking for Successor

Blank Yacht Design is a business with far more than 20 years of experience in yacht building, yacht construction, design and engineering.

Here is the rare opportunity to take over, continue and expand the vast experience of a well appreciated enterprise.

If this is something you are looking for, contact me for more information

Dieter Blank
Mobil: +49-172-4105701